Fastpace by Allectrify

A C-PACE Platform for Lenders

Every lender can be a C-PACE lender.

C-PACE Services

  • Comprehensive Training for Bank Personnel
  • Instant market access via Allectrify’s Program Approvals
  • Ongoing Program Relationship Management
  • Access to Standardized C-PACE Loan Documents and Credit Underwriting
  • Streamlined Process for “FASTPACE” Deals <$2M (in development)
  • Funding Options
  • Full Lifecycle, From Origination Through Payoff
  • Lookback Assistance to Identify Refi Opportunities
  • Loan Participation & Syndication
  • Liquidity
  • Marketing Support (coming soon)
  • In-Depth Portfolio Analysis (coming soon)
  • ESG Metrics & Reporting (coming soon)